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Fire Suppression System Services

Fire Sprinkler and Alarm Installation & Service

Installations: We provide fire sprinkler and alarm installations, modifications, remodels, and repairs for commercial and residential fire systems. Ask about our complementary walk-through and free estimates.

Residential: We know your family and home are invaluable, so we also specialize in the installation of residential fire sprinkler systems. We can provide your family with the safety and comfort of a residential fire sprinkler system at an affordable price.

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Inspection Deficiency Repairs

If your inspection uncovered deficiencies in your system. All Valley Fire can provide a free estimate and quick professional repairs at your convenience.

5-Year Inspections

Every 5 years, fire code requires additional inspections that are not performed on an annual basis. The purpose of these 5-year inspections is to find possible obstructions that could cause your fire sprinkler heads to not operate properly in the event of a fire, and/or possible corrosion that could cause premature deterioration of your piping system, as well as checking other system components for possible issues.

If any deficiencies are found, All Valley Fire can work with you to help address these issues.

Antifreeze Replacement

Current code requires all antifreeze systems to be filled with a "factory premixed" solution. If your system does not meet the current requirements, the team at All Valley Fire can replace the antifreeze system solution at your convenience with little to no interruption to your business.